Mystic scholars said a prince of Light would come.
He would be the most powerful Mystic Artist ever.

Where is he? I've waited so long.

He would stop the persecution.
He would bring harmony.
Why hasn't he come?

It's been 6,000 years.

Only a few weeks have passed since Erik became The White Musketeer and saved his cousin, Bray. François is gone. Erik misses him, but has moved on to the next chapter in his life.

He and Elaine are dating and he's enrolled in college. With his father missing and out of he and Shirina's life, Erik at last thinks he can adapt to his new circumstances and focus on his future.

Then one evening, as he, Elaine, and Nate are studying at François Manor, a large group of Mystic Artists show up and proclaim Erik is The White Prince! If that wasn't disconcerting enough for Erik, a stranger in regal 18th century clothing explodes onto the scene and announces Erik is a usurper. The stranger, Valin, proclaims HE is The White Prince!

As Erik attempts to dodge the whole strange scene, Valin commences wrecking chaos, violence, and mischief in Zoë Dominique. He's determined to drive Erik away. To make matters more complicated, an enchanting woman arrives about the same time as Valin, a Mystic Artist who can cast the entire city under her illusions.

Erik has no idea who these two people are, but as he tries again and again to stop them, things start to spiral out of his control. When he loses his abilities, he can no longer protect those he loves, or can he? Erik must stop these two people, though doing so may mean revealing an old, tragic history about the ancient kingdom of Vitalonia that has purposefully been forgotten.

#1: The White Musketeer

"Such a road as you have never imagined has been pressed onto you. Now that you have touched this light, you can never return to the darkness of ignorance. "

What's a teenage boy to do? Erik Seeton finds a French rapier one winter night in The Haunted Mansion. Picking it up, he releases two battling brothers! Also, Erik inherits Mystic Art, a gift he sees as a curse. But if he doesn't accept his new powers, he won't be able to save his cousin and his friends.

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