The Libertas League Series

The White Musketeer book design

Book 1: The White Musketeer

The White Musketeer is the opening book in The Libertas League. Follow 16 year-old Erik Seeton as he finds a magical French rapier in a fabled Haunted Mansion in the woods. Upon touching the weapon, Erik changed into a reflection of the mythical musketeer Francois Beauchamp, a person with powerful Mystic Art. But Erik also discovered that a 500 year-old vengeful evil had been released upon his home city of Zoe Dominique when he picked up the rapier. If he hopes to save his friends, his cousin Bray, and the peace of the city, he must master his new abilities to confront the raging evil! Only, how's a somewhat depressed teenager full of uncertainty and personal problems of his own supposed to handle all this?

A White Powder Kingdom book cover art

Book 2: A White Powder Kingdom

Following the events of The White Musketeer, Erik and his friends thought they could relax for a while. But just as they began to find a new routine, a stranger in 18th-century clothing named Valin showed up at Francois Manor claiming that he's the mythical hero of Mystic Art lore called The White Prince! The issue? Erik had also been told that he's The White Prince, a title he had no interest in claiming. However, Erik found out he couldn't merely ignore Valin, as the mischief-maker reined chaos down on Zoe Dominique. And as Valin threatened the city, a mysterious woman in ancient garb arrived, casting illusions over everyone and searching for a 6000 year-old relic called The Ruby Rose that will revive her long-lost prince. How can Erik stop them, when he doesn't even know what they're truly after?

The Ruby Rose book cover working artwork

Book 3: The Ruby Rose Prince

What is true love? It's an emotion that was taken from humans thousands of years ago, as punishment for humanity's wickedness. But, 6000 years ago, in the superpower nation of Vitalonia, the Mystic Artist Prince Vartan and the commoner Imogen fell in love. The devastating problem was that the prince was already betrothed, upon his own previous agreement, to another Mystic Artist, Princess Leyla of the disease-ridden country of Anderdaine. The prince's decision to wed Imogen was an effective betrayal of Princess Leyla and her entire suffering country.

Princess Leyla's revenge destroyed the entire country. Only Imogen managed to transform Prince Vartan's red ruby rose of love and cast his soul into it, then plunging it lost into The Void. Since then, the cursed Augusta sought the rose. Only with Erik did she find it, thus recommencing the devastating events again from so long ago. Can Niles Silva Elzey, Prince Vartan in the present time, regain his memories and stop Princess Leyla once and for all?

Other Stories

Revolutionary Rosanna: Resolution paperback book cover art

Revolutionary Rosanna: Resolution

Strong-willed, defiant, rebellious Rosanna Hall abandoned her parents in 1776, after they donated the majority of their earthly wealth to the Continental Congress in favor of the Rebel Cause against their mother country of Great Britain. Her future fortunes of a dowry and therefore good marriage were ruined. She thought to make them pay by her abandonment, but Rosanna instead fell into the humiliating profession of prostitution, as she knew how to do very little of anything useful. Only when she witnessed the brutal murder of a Continental Army soldier, did Rosanna take the murdered soldiers' uniform and masquerade as a man to join Washington's army. But Rosanna quickly discovered that military life was no romantic adventure as she thought. Death, disease, and starvation surrounded her. But the most dangerous aspect of her situation was keeping her gender a secret--and then keeping the lieutenant of her regiment from revealing her to the whole army, once he discovered she was a woman! As Rosanna threw herself into the gruesome violence of war, her strange battle with the lieutenant changed from outright hostility into something more complicated and dangerous.

Charmed I'm Sure book cover working art

Charmed, I'm Sure (WORKING TITLE)

Drug-dealing Hilton Reddel despised responsibility, his family, and his violin. After his parents were killed in a car accident, he found himself responsible for his little brother, Conny. Hilton was neglectful and his brother nearly died because of his drugs. After Conny was taken by the state, a woman in Hilton's dreams cursed him to live two lives. At night, he had to guard the nationally-popular singer Charm. At first, Hilton loathed the singer, but he soon realized she was hiding darker, deeper feelings behind her glittery, bubble-gum public persona. Without realizing it, Hilton started to draw nearer to her, hoping to figure out why Charm acted the way she did. In the process, he began to see himself in her, and all the mistakes he'd made. But with Hilton slowly changing for the better, he tries to likewise help Charm see she needs to improve herself. Only, she doesn't see things the way he does.