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Age 13+

Book 2: A White Powder Kingdom

The White Prince. He will bring Light and peace to all Mystic Artists!

The events in A White Powder Kingdom come after The White Musketeer. I suggest you read The White Musketeer first.

Erik Seeton has saved his cousin Bray and brought peace back to Zoë Dominique. Or so he thought.

The new year has come. Erik, Nate, and Elaine resume their lives the best they can. Gerome Seeton has run off somewhere. Erik hopes he never sees the man again.

Just as normalcy returns, a newcomer barges into the city claiming he is François Beauchamp's descendant. In addition, he claims he is a mythical Mystic Artist hero called The White Prince--the most powerful Mystic Artist that will ever live--and the only person who can bring the Light back to the world and save Prince Vartan and Vitalonia from a second, tragic destruction!

He challenges Erik’s legitimacy as a Mystic Artist and throws Zoë Dominique into confusion. But as the newcomer launches mischief against the city, a woman in green enters the mix, casting illusions over the whole city. Who is she? And why are some of her illusions of a city of silver, ice, diamonds, and breathtaking marble?

Erik wants nothing to do with either of them, but the illusions place the whole city in danger. If he doesn't figure out how to stop both of these new players, their violence will only escalate.



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"Erik was about to speak of his anger at Nate having kept himself away for two weeks, but then his vision fell upon his friends’ pale face, running with a scar from his top left temple almost down to the left side of his chin." - Ch. 1

I know you’re going to ask—yes, classes are fine, my writing is going well, and the piece Nate and I will be playing at the Wild Winter Wonderland Festival is coming along great!” - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 1

"Be that it would never end: the simple felicity of moments full of carefree friendship! Yes, he was still The White Musketeer. It was a role he’d finally accepted to an extent where he had no fear or embarrassment to come to them as such... A lovely peace and security of himself in both identities had settled upon Erik, but now something new was worrying him." - Ch. 1

"The White Prince will be the most powerful Mystic Artist that will ever live. He will bring Mystic Artists and non-artists together in a harmony history and lore have explained as a miraculous event." - Dalid, Ch. 1

"This is not The White Prince. I am! This boy is a usurper! I am a true blood descendant of François Beauchamp and therefore rightful heir! We all know that François was the most powerful Mystic Artist up until now! I naturally have inherited his art and the level of power he had." - Valin Damell, Ch. 1

"I have been an adjunct or substitute teacher for a few years and have moved around quite a bit. My education naturally lies with history, specifically Classic Kingdoms Period history... Now that introductions are over, let us get right into the opening material. This history class will discuss the four, arguably, most prominent ancient, great kingdoms: Arland, Anderdaine, Vitalonia, and Vlamira." - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 2

"Is it true that Mystic Art began in Vitalonia?" - Erik Seeton, Ch. 2

"... I am a teacher of historical fact; not supposition. However, Mystic Art is a fascinating topic of discussion, especially since The White Musketeer has been in the news these past few weeks. There may be something to Mystic Art, but I must insist on keeping my lectures factual." - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 2

"We’re adapting stage names and personas for our band. I’m going to be DJ Dash and Elaine’s going with Cashlin Snow." - Nate Dimitrious, Ch. 2

"I would be lying if I said I don’t, but I’m hoping to get more of that back through our music. It won’t be the same as it was before, but that’s okay. I don’t think things could ever be like they were before François, Erik." - Nate Dimitrious, Ch. 2

"If you’ve ever read the stories and recall anything about them, Prince Vartan was the first human to ever experience romantic love. Before him, love wasn’t a thing. But when the prince laid eyes on a commoner, he was attracted to her; and not long after, fell in love with her. It was, supposedly, his love that gave him the ability to make roses red. Before that, there had never been a red rose, either. So, though the whole kingdom perished and most of the people died, Prince Vartan brought love into the world. Seems like a fitting sacrifice, some would say." - Nate Dimitrious, Ch. 2

"I don’t want you to, Erik. You should stay out of this. The public doesn’t know you’re The White Musketeer. How do you expect to provide an honest testimony if you have to leave all of those details out?" - Bray Stard, Ch. 2

"I can only testify with complete, open honesty. No matter what may happen to me, I love you Bray and I have to help you if I can. And, also, I’m trying to be a truthful and honest person. How could I lie to the court just to help myself? That’s selfish." - Erik Seeton, Ch. 2

"Heavy, weary, Valin shut his eyes to ponder his existence. None of this would have happened if François had killed his brother in the sixteen-hundreds. But reality was a fact he couldn’t alter for himself or for his sad, hopeless, immortal mother. She’d spent so many years seeking her prince; and now she’d given up." - Ch. 3

"Oh, my prince! Even after all these years I was not able to bring you back. Forgive your servant, though it is perhaps the better outcome that I was too incompetent and weak to find you. In such a world as this has become, only evil and peril would arise from the revival of your kingdom. Maybe it is not my decision or right to do this, but I cannot continue... how could I do such a thing to you, or to your memory, as to revive you into such an evil world?" - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 3

"His heart is not pure. He’s keeping secrets and lying about things. You’re The White Prince, but it’s not because François gave you his power. It’s because you’re selfless, giving, and good." - Shirina Seeton, Ch. 3

"What a hypocrite he was! Standing there, he found his teacher sad to only trust science, but he was the same way—and worse! He’d become something that, according to science, was impossible, and he still disbelieved every new thing that wasn’t yet understood!" - Ch. 3

"You know that I was close with Victoria long before you were even a thought. She was my soulmate as far as friendship went. It’s by a horrible circumstance that you have to be here, but I’m glad that here is where you ended up. I’m very sorry for you and Shirina, but don’t worry. You’ve been part of this family for years, Erik. I hope you’ll continue to think of us that way." - Marianna Dimitrious, Ch. 4

"I wish—I wish so many things were different. You know, Nate, I felt so strong when I had to fight Bray, but was that just a fluke? I feel so powerless and helpless right now." - Erik Seeton, Ch. 4

"If François had a child outside of his marriage, then it could totally be true that Valin is a bloodline descendant. So, everything could rightfully be Valin’s. That would be interesting. François didn’t know about it, or he would have mentioned it to me." - Erik Seeton, Ch. 4

"Elaine, I encountered a strange woman only minutes ago. She was wearing a pale green dress and some sort of metal armor. And she had a sword—she was very good with it. She was some sort of Mystic Artist, because she cast a huge illusion that made everyone think they were part of it. I tried to talk to her, but she seemed angry and unstable. We fought briefly, and then she left. After that, everyone came out of the illusion, but no one seemed to be aware that anything had happened." - Erik Seeton, Ch. 4

"You came here to get at Erik through me. It’s not going to work. This isn’t some stupid comic strip where you lure in the poor, silly girl and use her as bait." - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 4

"Nate knew what Erik meant. The sensations of being connected to Erik in such a manner was both dazzling and alarming. Strange warmness and energy coursed through every vein in his body. He’d never felt so safe in his life. No wonder Erik had never been able to explain such a feeling to him! He couldn’t find adjectives for it." - Ch. 4

"My son! How could you descend to such depths? What are you doing with Erik Seeton’s younger sister? If you have a point to make, express it honestly like a man!" - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 4

"You should never consider trying to perform such an offense against the universe. I attempted to do so more than once and am grateful to the forces that prevented my success. Do you seek to be struck down by higher powers?" - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 4

"It’s sad enough, the times already that I’ve had to use Mystic Art against those I love, but now against a descendant of François Beauchamp? To face someone of his bloodline that has such malice is very sad for me. What would François think to see us at opposing ends? Can’t you accept me and stop fighting? There’s no title or position ever worth gaining or keeping if people get hurt." - Erik Seeton, Ch. 4

"It was incredible. That was definitely classic period architecture. From what I’ve read and seen in books, it specifically suggested Vitalonia. I’d almost wager on how confident I feel in assuming the illusions are visions or memories from The Illusion Mistress of her life back then." - Nate Dimitrious, Ch. 5

"Whenever Nate presented arguments like that, Erik felt hilariously foolish, like all the science and logic he’d learned was laughable and Nate’s pure belief in things naturally impossible was far more plausible." - Ch. 5

"That proves it, my son: you and he share the same basic Mystic Art. The inheritance from François Beauchamp passed to you both. That truly means, that in terms of Mystic Art, he is as valid a descendent as you." - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 5

"But I do not want to be immortal anymore, Mother. This has been such a dreary, lonely existence you cursed me with. If we can end the mission, would we not become mortal and thus live like others, grow old, and at last die? That would be an infinity better than continuing on with no reason or purpose." - Valin Damell, Ch. 5

"I’m not a strong or courageous person, but I will always defend my home from evil." -Erik Seeton, Ch. 5

"Mystic Art is truly a mysterious beast. It is passed through the blood, always different from person to person, even within one’s own family. But, every now and then, there comes an anomaly; a thing impossible, a thing which breaks the blood barrier. It cannot be explained... Mystic scholars can only hypothesize that such power becomes possible when the bearer has reached a passion of some impossible level. It is their burst of feeling that produces forth Mystic Art of the deepest desires of their soul. Such was what I and others thought happened with Prince Vartan." - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 5

"You made me feel like an idiot in class for the questions I asked. You belittled me in front of the other students, but you knew it was all true. You were there, weren’t you?” - Erik Seeton, Ch. 6

"Augusta stepped forth and extended her hand to his face. Upon contacting his skin, she felt as though she’d burst into tears. She’d been living in an ordinary, mundane manner for such an interminable length of time and hadn’t encountered other Mystic Artists for over a hundred years." - Ch. 6

"There is no such thing as magic! The witness’s version of events is completely faulty and cannot be trusted. After all, this is a court of fact, not fable! I recommend this witness’s account be completely redacted from the court’s records and Mr. Seeton not be allowed to return under threat of contempt of court and penalty for false testimony." - Mr. Couras, Ch. 6

"My Dear Erik, you are travailing through pangs of Regret, Fear, and Dismay that I have been feeling most completely in my soul... I feel your Heartache, I see what you do, and I hear what you say. Someday, I will be able to touch your face and be an aid to you once again. Until then, know in your Heart that I am near." - Francois Beauchamp, Ch. 6

"She is examined in word as a being in the heavens who sprinkled the world with the seeds of Mystic Art, and thus such power came into existence on this planet. It is she who, to this day, even still observes our Folly. It is also she who sent down the Sparkle of Inspiration that would birth our sovereign, The White Prince." - Francois Beauchamp, Ch. 6

"François—I was impressed by his Mystic Art. I loved him like a brother. It was easier for me to think he was dead than allow myself to consider that he had cursed himself. But when you—Well, it was apparent François had done evil to himself and that you had inherited his Mystic Art." - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 6

"You are quite a woman, Elaine, to turn what I was hoping to be the beginning of a sweet romance into a professional opportunity. I respect that about you: knowing just what you want and not shy to demand it. Ah, there are so many other things I greatly admire about you, too, though." - Valin Damell, Ch. 7

"My mother never let any negative remark give her pause. After all, she grew up in a far more equal society where she had risen to become one of the most powerful warriors in the land. Mere words could never stop her.” - Valin Damell, Ch. 7

"You, on the other hand, say you’re doing all this for your mother. If that was true, you’d listen to her when she asks you to stop, but you don’t. That tells me all of your charades are actually for your own benefit. And you don’t care about who gets hurt. That also shows me you could never be The White Prince. He has to be a pure, selfless person—which are two qualities you destroyed long ago.” - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 7

"I may not have the right to say this, but I’m also proud of you, Erik. It’s a marvelous thing, that you’re trying to help Zoë Dominique so much. Ah, you look so much like Victoria! You have a similar, sad look to you like she did. Cheer up! Everything will end well because you have a solid, good heart." - Marianna Dimitrious, Ch. 8

"The White Musketeer has taken my ruby rose! I demand he come face me and return it to me this instant, or I will kill his lover here!” - Valin Damell, Ch. 9

"Erik still hadn’t regained his power. Though he was The White Musketeer, he couldn’t call his rapier forth or access his uniform. He stood before everyone in regular clothing, vulnerable." - Ch. 9

"... Nate burst out onto the stage, slid down in front of Elaine, and in a slow second, crumpled as Valin’s blade plunged down through his ribs." - Ch. 9

"From the beginning, all of this was never only your responsibility, Erik. If you have to be The White Musketeer, you’ll do it like that; if you’re The White Prince, you’ll get it done like that; but if you’re just Erik, then you’ll beat Valin as just Erik. You can do it.” - Nate Dimitrious, Ch. 9

"In seconds, the beautiful cone-shaped swirl of sparkling white and silver snow dissolved into the air and Erik was sitting over Nate, regaled in his full musketeer uniform. Then, turning, raising his vision at Valin, his eyes hard, he lifted his left arm—which was completely healed—and his rapier materialized within another swirl of snow into his fist." - Ch. 9

"It’s good to see you in that costume again. Go get Valin. Get that jerk once and for all." - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 9

"Then, the insanity of it hit him. Erik stood straight, focusing forward on the clear sheet of night that opened up between two endless rows of tall silhouettes of trees. The sky was the road. He scooped his hands up before him, gathering a large amount of thick, powdery snow, and formed a circular shape not unlike a cloud. Erik sprung up on top of it, dropping to his knees, facing the mountain. The snow cloud began to slowly move forward, but in just seconds, it sped up to a supernatural speed, leaving a trail of powder as it ran through the sky." - Ch. 9

"Erik passed awesome spirals of dazzling white ice, bridges of thick stone and silver, and many buildings of like manner. His heart, at first allured by the strange city about him, was now filled with fear and alarm. The entire expanse of the place was empty. He hadn’t seen a single soul or heard even the slightest whistle from a breeze." - Ch. 10

"Where do you think? I expected too much again! As if a bastard like you would know. This is The White Prince’s domain, of course: The Snow City. The actual name is Graupel Diamond. I knew if I brought Elaine here, you would follow if you could. But that you succeeded to enter—well, that is interesting!” - Valin Damell, Ch. 10

"I have lived far too long and in my entire vain existence, I have never accomplished a single, useful thing. My life has been one of exceeding useless emptiness. I had every advantage to do good, but I did nothing. What kind of a selfish fool am I?” - Valin Damell, Ch. 10

"...from the day hundreds of years ago that I proclaimed to my mother that I was The White Prince, I knew I was not—never would be. I am ill to accept that such a personage is thee, but it is the truth. This is why I came to your city: to force you to become who you cannot run from any longer." - Valin Damell, Ch. 10

"Erik covered the petals with his other hand—a mistake! His whole body trembled. Overcome, he groaned and leaned forward in a fetal position. Red and white light swirled around him. Snow rocketed from his body. In just seconds, all of the snow, all of the dazzling light that had filled the entire chamber, abruptly faded away. Only he, on his knees panting, and Elaine, standing right before him, remained." - Ch. 10

"I’m scared too, but you’ll get through all of this. Haven’t you given enough? Lean on me this time. That’s what you would say." - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 10

"There is no Mystic Artist or person on Earth who could have formed Graupel Diamond. According to legend, it was The Female Judge who crafted the city for her chosen prince.” - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 10

"This humble Justice Councilor Warrior begs your leave, prince, and your indulgence of forgiveness for all of my trespasses, offenses, and troubles I and my son have caused to you and those you love. I swear my allegiance to you, only behind that of my prince, and promise never to cause any trouble or damage to you, your loved ones, or your city again.” - Augusta Lamon Damell, Ch. 10