"If you do not change your selfish ways and love your brother selflessly, completely, doing your best for him and for yourself, you will place yourself in a very difficult situation."

** Currently in the editing process!** Book will be available in paperback and e-book format, and a bit later on, also as audio!

What does a drug dealer and an anorexic, angry pop singer have to do with each other? Well, nothing, until The Female Judge curses Hilton Reddel to live one life during the day and another at night!

Hilton hated his parents and spiraled down into doing treats and snacks (TS - drugs) and dealing them. He was content with his rat-in-a-hole lifestyle. But, after his parents died, he was left to raise his kid brother, a responsibility he didn't want and didn't even try to fulfill. It was just his luck that a strange woman in a white dress came to him in his dreams and told him that he had one chance to redeem himself, or things wouldn't end well for him!

Hilton awoke to find that he was his regular self, living in his parents' large estate, from 6AM to 6PM; and the famous pop singer Charm's bodyguard, tagging along for her tours, from 6PM until 6AM. What gives? How's he supposed to "redeem" himself by protecting a spoiled, arrogant, angry, woman with a chip on her shoulder?

Charm always seemed to be hiding something. She dresses in the most ridiculous ways and she seemed to hate everyone, even herself. After going through a slew of useless bodyguards, she finally hired Hilton, though she seemed to hate him, too. At first, Hilton just thinks she's a basket case, but he realizes a bit later on that Charm puts up fronts and pretends to be something she's not. Why does she do that and why lash out at him so viciously? Along the way, Hilton almost forgets that he's cursed and that he has a mission to fulfill and finds himself more interested in discovering what makes Charm tick.

Follow along Hilton and Charm's explosive, tense relationship as they discover what things really do matter in life.

“I never felt love from either of you in my entire life!”

Full color profile of Hilton Reddel in a vest, spats, and holding a gray fedora

“I said get lost! Some bodyguard you are; I never want to see you again! You’re fired!”

Full color profile of Viviana in a blue, pink, and black costume.

Is Charmed I'm Sure part of The Libertas League?

Officially, no. This story takes place contemporaneously with TLL official chronology, but this story itself is not part of it. You will recognize places, cities, and even some characters. However, Hilton and Charm are not part of TLL team and have nothing to do with them.

Is this book appropriate for children?

No. Definitely not under age 13. This story has drug references, drug usage, physical and gun violence, and graphic scenes of death and blood.

Is there language in this book?

Very little to none.

Why did you write this book?

The skeleton of this story had been dancing around in my brain for a while and making quite the noise of it. I'd wanted to write it for quite some time. The silly part is that I was in the middle of plotting The Ruby Rose and then I just decided, out of nowhere, to get this story written. I ripped through it and didn't take it too seriously, but I think it came out alright. I'm pleased.

Does this story have a good ending?

Of course. I'm not into those sad, left-open endings.


"Hilton was not a man to take responsibility for things. In fact, he took responsibility for not a single thing, besides himself; and that he took upon himself with weariness and benevolence to good and bad, if such would befall him. For, it seemed, Hilton disliked effort to do anything and didn’t care about proving himself to his parents, his friends, or even to himself." - Ch. 1

"If you continue on your current path, you will face much sorrow and pain. Stop now. End your addiction to vice and improve yourself for others." - The Female Judge, Ch. 1

"You have no more chances for forgiveness. You have taken them all, already. This is a warning: if you do not heed my words, you will have to pay the price." - The Female Judge, Ch. 1

"Weekends were the relish of his meaningless, redundant, empty days. He wanted no one to befriend him, no one to become close to him, but he was lonely. He wanted change, but loathed the idea." - Ch. 1

"I never felt love from either of you in my entire life!" - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 1

"... Hilton realized that, as the shock of the moment of seeing them dead wore off, he felt no remorse at all. As he exhaled, he felt relieved, even, to be rid of them. Now he was free! Free to do as he pleased with no ties to family!" - Ch. 1

"A shadow of rage overtook his face. Mechanically, Hilton broke the bow in half and dropped it. Then, with a sudden violent motion, he spun about and smashed the violin as hard as he could against the wall. Dropping it, he stepped harshly over it, further breaking the precious wood into splintered pieces." - Ch. 2

"That was Charm: a talented singer, danger, and musician. A woman meant to take the stage by storm, who deserved all the love and attention she got because she had suffered enough heartache the past years to make up for a lifetime of good will!" - Ch. 2

"That's just a marketing ploy. Like some anorexic girl cares about average people. Look at her! That clown getup. She has enough makeup on her face to fill a bathtub." - Hilton Reddel Ch. 2

"Hilton Reddel, you have been a petty, evil, wicked, lying, scheming instigator and partaker of mischief and misery; a soul without focus, without desire to seek purpose. You are a blight on the human condition, but not beyond redemption. Despite your self-destructive determination, I give you one more chance to redeem yourself. Go and learn to love your brother. Raise him well, with care and tenderness. Do not ignore his desperate attempts for your attention." - The Female Judge, Ch. 3

"Hilton Reddel, I warned you to change your ways, but you heeded not my advice. It has been precious long years in your short life that you yielded to anyone with wisdom—which would be nearly anyone, as you are a foolish, petulant, sad person. You have treated your brother with disdain and your parents with no respect." - The Female Judge, Ch. 3

"Look, I’m paying you buckets for a job that should actually be pretty easy. Just look as pretty and sharp as you do now and you’ll have performed the minimal service to myself—which is, namely, to entice my female fans." - Charm, Ch. 3

"Don’t take that out unless you have to use it! Jeez—I hate white guys who fling guns around. They think they own the world!" - Charm, Ch.3

Who do you think you are to insult me? I’m your boss! You’re just a paid gun to watch my back and do what I say! Don’t get any high-and-mighty ideas." - Charm, Ch. 3

"I rarely get ideas, but when I do, you shouldn’t cross me. So, you better not get any ideas of your own that you’re going to abuse me as one of you marketing ploys.” - HIlton Reddel, Ch. 3

"Really, who do you think you are to treat a person like this? Do you have no respect for anyone, because you’re so rich and popular that you think you’re above everyone?" - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 4

You have a horribly explosive temper! In fact, you’re the most obnoxious, egotistic, cruel person I’ve ever met! You act like the world is crushing you and you hate everyone and everything. At least I enjoy some things in life, even if you think I’m faking that, too. But you’re are the most miserable person I know!" 0 Charm, Ch. 4

"Keep your womanizing eyes somewhere else!" - Charm, Ch. 4

"No way! A girl like her doesn’t run in the shammy places that you do. You’re lying." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 5

"Who do you think you are, ordering me around? Get in here. I need those muscles of yours." - Charm, Ch. 5

"I thought you were ignorant and pretentious. Now I just think you’re trash." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 5

"Don’t you have a bum somewhere to ticket for parking in a handicap spot?" - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 6

"Why? You government grunts think you can push little people like me around and it’s just okay by everyone, isn’t it? You don’t consider how other people feel! You all turn my house inside out and take my brother away and don’t give a guy a chance to clear himself! Then you have the nerve to act all offended when I react like this. You—you think you’re above it all, since you’re a cop, don’t you? It’s easy for you to throw people around, because you don’t have to deal with what happens to them after, or how they feel, or what they do!" - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 6

"Who do you think you are, to take liberties like that with me? What, am I one of your one-night stands? Despite what you may think, I—I don’t go sexing around like you!" - Charm, Ch. 6

"You go right ahead and think what you want, but I’m not going to leave you like this... But don’t think I’m just some stupid, uneducated cop. You’re one of the worst cases of TS withdrawal I’ve encountered, yet. And, unlike you, I care if people suffer. I try to prevent that, no matter how worthless the person is." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 6

"Go to hell, copper. All of you. You say I’m a blight on the world. You’re all worse. Filthy, power-hungry, corrupt pigs. Don’t kid yourself. Even if you have a soul now, just give yourself a few years." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 6

"I don’t want anything, except for you to recover completely and never do any type of drugs again." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 6

"The woman my dad married—who, by the way, also divorced him a while ago—got pregnant with her while he was having an affair—and he did it while he was still married to my mom!" - Charm, Ch. 7

"I encouraged her to sign with her label, with me on as her manager, because I wanted to make sure no one would take advantage of her" - Ms. Chilv, Ch. 7

"Yeah, we deserve each other: two drug addicts and fools." - HIlton Reddel, Ch. 7

"Least to say, you’re not doing TS as long as I’m around. I’ll look through everything you have. Even if you hide it on you, I’ll look there. I know I have no honor, but at least I won’t lie to you." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 7

"Music is something that deeply touches me. When you played, I felt it in my soul. I can’t play or draw or do anything artistic, really, but I was good at sports and fighting in school, so I thought being a cop was a way I could use my strength to help people. So, thanks for your music." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 7

"You really are scum, aren’t you? What, are you going to go find them and beat them up?" - Charm, Ch. 7

"Listen! Everything you’ve built, everything you cherish, will disappear in a second if you get hooked on drugs. Even a guy like me, who had no one and didn’t care about anything, still lost stuff I didn’t even think I cared about. Do you want to live with that kind of self-loathing and hollowed-out feeling?" - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 7

"I’m her professional bodyguard. I’m really good at my job. So, get lost, before I lose my temper." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 7

"Maybe you are a nice person. I can’t tell. You surprise me. One day, you’re sexually harassing me; another day, you’re throwing me around, like I have no value. You disrespect me and scream in my face. But then you go out and do this. Why is that? Why are you such a contradiction?" - Charm, Ch. 7

"Violin was my parents’ idea. They shoved it on me. It was always a thing they wanted me to do, so it was never mine to own." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 7

"What: no witty remark, no sassy put-me-down, no lecture on my infirm mind and impaired, underdeveloped emotions? No crude insult about my wardrobe?" - Charm, Ch. 7

"There’s not a single person on Earth who could call themselves righteous. I’m just a guy that tries to see good things in others, even if they don’t see those things in themselves, and tries to help them get another chance to discover their decency." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 7

"Take me to a place you and your wife like. A nice, safe, insufferably quaint joint." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 7

"I could never like a white guy!" - Charm, Ch. 7

"You really are self-involved, aren’t you? If I liked a woman, it would be one with common sense and intellect. She’d take care of herself and be responsible and mature!" - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 8

"What good do the cops do? What good did they ever do for me? I never got any help from them. When they showed up, it was to do me harm!" - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 8

"To be honest, you’re a mighty jerk. I knew you were on TS the minute I saw you. All you dealers think you’re untouchable and that you succeeded in hiding your using. It’s my turn to laugh. You called me ignorant and innocent before. I’m not that as much that you think. I know drugs when I see it on someone. That wasn’t the problem, though. Drugs aside, you are one of the most selfish, pitiable, self-destructive people I have ever met." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 8

"Oh, please. Don’t give me that. I’m nothing but a cheap, slutty bimbo, with no brains and no common sense. I’m an ugly, anorexic, self-involved fool." - Charm, Ch. 9

"I think your costumes are ridiculous and you act out in bad ways, but I’m more of a mess than you are. I just hide it better than you do." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 9

"I missed you. It’s not the same going on tour when you’re not there. We haven’t known each other long, but I guess you made a deeper impression in my life than I thought. I miss your bad attitude, your rude comments, your crudeness, and your incoherent, overbearing watchful eye." - Charm, Ch. 9

"Why should I bother myself to be seen with such an ugly, skinny twig like you? I have a reputation to keep." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 9

"I know I said you were good for you, but when you leave in a few days, neither of you are to communicate with the other. I know this may sound harsh to you, but I don’t apologize for taking steps to protect her." - Ms. Chilv, Ch. 9

"I did it to hurt my parents... I hated them. I wanted to cause them so much pain, that they would never recover. They never acted like they loved me. Only when I did what they wanted, they acted like they could tolerate me." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 9

"" - Person, Ch. 10

"The system is a bad place, no matter how good you might make it sound. My brother lost both his parents at the same time, then me if you look at it like that. If he continues in the system, he’ll be messed up for life... I’m the only one who can give him back the structure, safety, and family that he had before. He needs me." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 10

"They don’t make these like they used to. This is the genuine article. Classic, noir." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 10

"I want food. I know you like sporting the whole ten percent body mass index skeleton look, but I don’t." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 10

"I regret it so much—my attitude. I wanted to hurt my parents and I more than succeeded. I devastated them. Now they’re gone and I can’t ever tell them I was sorry." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 10

"I resent my mother. She abandoned me. When I was younger, she’d visit me at completely random times. It was because of her that I got on TS. What a great mom, right? Introducing a ten year-old to drugs." - Charm, Ch. 10

"TS is the only thing that helps me unwind. Without it, I’d be an absolute disaster." - Charm, Ch. 10

"The sleeping thing is my biggest vulnerability. I took this job because it was a night job." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 10

"You’re such a jerk! Why do you think some kinds of jokes are fine and other aren’t? Don’t you know how hurtful your teasing is? Some people are very sensitive to some things and maybe you could consider that there might be a reason!" - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 10

"I’m a master at marketing! Just give me a few days and I’ll have this whole town ripped up into a frenzy wanting to hear you play. I feel that way in my soul, so it’ll be a fun pleasure to get this machine purring!" - Mr. Bartelo, Ch. 10

"You weren’t there. I felt exposed to everything." - Charm, Ch. 10

"I know. You’ve liked me for a while. It’s hard for a girl to resist my charm." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 10

"I thought part of the reason people dated was to learn if they could trust each other. You’re not supposed to learn a bunch of stuff before dating, are you? You date to find out what that person’s really like." - Charm, Ch. 10

"You’re coming. I want you to do what you did before: pretend to be my boyfriend. But don’t try to rape my mouth like you did that last time. You’re supposed to help me get good marketing and publicity; not give me mono." - Charm, Ch. 11

"I won’t until you tell me why you reverted into a nasty little witch again. We were getting on fine—and then this? What: is it because I’m leaving after tonight and you’re all mad about it? There is a thing called phone and another thing called email." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 11

"I certainly know that what I feel is love, because I’ve dated many women before. I’ve done things with women I regret. I have a lot of experience with women, but I’m not proud to admit it anymore. I never once felt this way about any of them." - Person, Ch. 11

"I didn’t mind that Amber woman until she hammered us both with her no ex-bodyguards in the house policy." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 12

"At least I know you’re an idiot, but it’s okay. I’m sure you don’t want me breathing down your neck, so just behave." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 12

"We are friends. We look out for each other." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 12

"You should play in an orchestra!" - Charm, Ch. 12

"You seem to be trying so hard to rebuild yourself as an honest, straight, and true person. Your struggle alone is very interesting, I think for the public, generally. Do you think you can redo your image, what with your past?" - Journalist, Ch. 12

"Do what you want, but stay out of my affairs, out of my way, and don’t snoop around getting into my stuff. The first time I catch you doing any of that, I’ll call the cops to throw you out of my house." - Charm, Ch. 13

"I wasn’t aware the restraining order had expired. I have no allegiance to you. I must request you leave the house, now that you have seen her and that she is fine." - Ms. Chilv, Ch. 13

"How dare you! You’ve been guarding my daughter like she’s some kind of prisoner for years! It’s always been you who’s kept us from being together. Why do you think I haven’t come by more often? You’re always here, and you won’t let us communicate freely. You’re just the white kid of that lousy man and his whore!" - Marilyn, Ch. 13

"What else must I do to get my brother back? Please, tell me." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 13

"I’ve heard quite a few of your performances. Your music is absolutely stunning! I hear there’s an opening for a junior violinist with the Sunrise Shy Palace Orchestra." - Melissa Candor, Ch. 13

"You’re my sister and the only family member I love." - Ms. Chilv, Ch. 13

"A girl gets a craving for things now and then. Desires unsatisfied can be annoying." - Charm, Ch. 13

"Get them. Get those pieces of human trash and get a conviction! I’ll gladly be a witness, if you need it." - Charm, Ch. 13

"Well, you see, us cops know everything. We’re worse than church gossips." - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 14

"Look, Conny, I’m not good with mushy, lovey stuff. But I—I made a big mistake. Because of what I did and how I acted, you were taken from me. But I’ve been working really hard to get you back. I promise I’ll bring you home and then you’ll stay with me and grow up with me. I’ll take care of you." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 14

"Nothing wrong with a little bromance. Get dressed; I’ll drive!" - Officer Ryan Layton, Ch. 14

"A person like me shouldn’t have been given the chance I was. I can’t forgive my parents completely for how they raised me, what they made me do; but looking back, trying to examine myself objectively, I really was just ungrateful, selfish, petty scum." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 14

"I do like winter so much more than summer. There’s something about being cold that makes me energetic." - Conductor Edward Paige, Ch. 14

"Viviana is getting herself into trouble... Please come and deal with her. I’ve always respected her privacy and did my best to keep a respectful distance, but Viviana’s behavior is almost too much now." - Ms. Chilv, Ch. 14

"You look less cheap than you normally do. I’d actually risk my reputation to say you look very womanly." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 14

"It’s nice to find out that you’re capable of other types of dance; not just that trashy, slutty nonsense you put on when you go on tour." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 14

"When did I ever need your help? I never asked you to move in with me or drop your entire life." - Charm, Ch. 14

"You know me pretty good. I say cute things, but I’m deeper than that." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 14

"It seems Mr. Reddel was one of the lowest pieces of human filth that we’ve had lying about Sunrise Shy for some time. It’s a shame, as I was acquainted with his father, that man being of an energetic spirit and high moral constitution, a man of strong justice." - Judge Evans, Ch. 15

"Most of the time, when I find a person full of evil, they are not willing to redeem themselves. Every now and then, though, there is a person like you, who still contains a spark of goodness inside. I wanted to see for myself what you would do with that spark, if you had the courage to accept it. I’m very pleased that you chose to let it grow and flourish. Every person contains evil and good, but you have overcome your evil." - The Female Judge, Ch. 15

"It’s me. I can prove it. I can tell you exact conversations we had: when, where, why. I can tell you when you called me a sexual predator, and when I kissed you the first time, and how I saved you on the first night I was your bodyguard." - Hilton Reddel, Ch. 16

"For a long time, I only thought money and fame mattered. If I had those things, people wouldn’t bully me anymore. The people I went to school with would have to respect and like me. I would be a winner; not a loser. If I was beautiful and talented, who could hate me? I could leave my sad, pathetic, lonely life behind. That’s not what happened." - Charm, Ch. 16