The White Musketeer book cover

Age 13+

Book 1: The White Musketeer

Sacrifice, revenge, Mystic Art - Erik must accept it's all true, but what will happen to him if he does?

The White Musketeer opens the series and introduces Mystic Art and some of the foundational concepts and ideas that will be explored in subsequent books.

There's only one thing Erik Seeton wants in his pathetic teenage life: to be left alone to wallow in the superficial miseries of his rejected love. But that's not what destiny has planned for him. One blisteringly cold December morning, Erik’s friend Nate dares him to find the fabled French musketeer François Beauchamp’s mansion in the woods. No one’s ever seen it and most people think it’s only a myth.

When Erik and Nate actually find The Haunted Mansion, Erik discovers a breathtaking 17th century French rapier and claims it as his own. However, taking the rapier awakens Mystic Art, a powerful form of magic passed down through DNA, thrusting Erik into the heart of millenniums of strife and the ongoing war between two forgotten brothers.

At first, Erik thinks he’s the victim of circumstance. But he’s quick to realize his friends and family are the ones in peril if he doesn’t accept the magic forced upon him. Erik must confront and defeat an unleashed evil set on destroying the things he holds dear.

Cover art by Nicole Potter. Cover design by Christina Roberts.



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"Beyond the scale of twenty thousand years, even when the ancients of Vitalonia and Vlamira built structures still admired in a world we flatter ourselves to define as modern, we are yet living in darkness." - Prologue

"Be strong. Be steady. For there will always be an adversary seeking to steal from you the secrets of the light. You must, at all costs, defend this Inheritance; not only for yourself, but for all others who possess this light. You are now their only Defender and Beacon. It is your requisite; it is your Royal Duty." - Prologue

"The myth of François Beauchamp was created to scare kids and teach them moral principles, the same reason other classic fairytales were. To try to claim historical existence of a myth based on designations is faulty. Many names are used in more than one place." - Erik Seeton, Ch. 1

"As Erik’s eyes followed a particularly fat snowflake downward, he saw behind it, a broad black object. His attention shifted to it. It was, to his personal embarrassment at being proved wrong, and to his outward horror, a huge mansion." - Ch. 2

"It was long and magnificent, with a hilt engraved with stones dancing from prisms of light. The largest gemstone was a reflective, glittering ruby. The entirety of the blade sparkled even more as Erik slowly turned the weapon around in his hand. The blade itself was long and heavy compared to the light-weight foils he was used to fencing with." - Ch. 2

"He was wearing a navy-blue garment which cascaded down his back and arms, forming some sort of strange robe. The top of where the sleeves would be were slit, so that strips of cloth cascaded in loose folds about his person... It was the historic uniform of the king’s French musketeers." - Ch. 3

".. It's very regal, actually. The authentic piece. Erik, this is not possible, but I can’t deny my eyes. I have to accept that François Beauchamp was a Mystic Artist and now you are. You’ve received his talent." - Bray Stard, Ch. 4

"Erik’s pausing again irritated Gerome. Only perfect attendance and the highest grades was acceptable redemption for having a son who chose to cloister himself away in a room with dirty clothes strewn about and papers littering the floor. Erik’s behavior was almost too shameful for Gerome to handle." - Ch. 5

"He spun about, feeling danger imminent. A lashing snake of fire was running through the air for him. Erik dodged, grabbed the flame with his gloved hands, snapping it in half. More flames shot up, completely encircling him. When the appendage hissed forth to burn him, it jumped back as if alarmed, unable to touch him. It tried again in vain and retracted into the primary wall of flame." - Ch. 6

"Are you really going to defend your father over me? He doesn’t care about you! Only I have, Erik! We’re the same. Our fathers never loved us the way we wanted! We’ve been alone and angry at the world. Don’t you see? We’ve always understood each other." - Bray Stard, Ch. 6

"You see, I came here tonight hoping to run into you. I wanted to know if you’d go with me to François Manor. You came back alright. Please, Erik. I’d really like to get some pictures. It would be the thrill of the decade! Imagine the article I could write." - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 7

"He started to fall forward. Elaine lunged to grab his arms. Seconds of surreal wonder overtook her. Here she was, filthy and terrified, holding the boy she liked! It was almost too good to be true. It was a dream for any girl! It was—Elaine caught herself and bit her lower lip. She hardened her resolve and half dragged him from the smoldering building and gently set him down against the front gate." - Ch. 8

"You have no right to take a life and you certainly have no right to harm innocent people." - Erik Seeton, Ch. 8

"You can’t keep this up and your identity a secret at the same time—not from her." - Nate Dimitrious, Ch. 9

"How could I destroy my own flesh and blood? How could I take upon myself the Holy position of judge, jury, and executioner? And how could I betray the gift of Mystic Art the celestial being had awarded to my ancestor so long ago? What person could ever judge the world and find their reasoning superior to that of the Divine Universe? No. I could not kill him." - Francois Beauchamp, Ch. 9

"I can stop writing articles, but there’s no way you’ll be able to distance yourself from everyone. You’re the embodiment of Zoë Dominique’s legend. Whether you like it or not, the whole city won’t stop searching for you until they’ve forced you into the public view." - Elaine McBeth, Ch.10

"You thought you could not be hurt, did you not? It is true that, for many things, you are impervious, but against those you love, and especially against Mystic Art, you can be wounded. However, you will heal far quicker than a normal person. By tomorrow morning, you shall feel very little of this physical pain." - Francois Beauchamp, Ch. 11

"All you ever do is praise Shirina and insult me. I’m your son. Does that mean nothing to you? I thought fathers were supposed to be proud of their sons. All you do is make me feel like I should never have been born!” - Erik Seeton, Ch. 11

"Hate had fueled Jacques to commit murder, and to, even then, seek further offenses against his brother. With Jacques influencing Bray, he’d forced upon Bray’s weakened, grieving mind, his evil, hateful, vengeful feelings and focused it all on Erik. They were but containers for the same two people awakened to commence the same folly." - Ch. 12

"We’ve been friends for more than half of our lives, Erik. You know me. You know I tease and joke and prank and give you a hard time. All that’s just friend stuff. I never meant it, you know. I guess that was just part of me saying you’re my friend and I love you." - Nate Dimitrious, Ch. 13

"It’s not like in the comics, is it? Heroics, jumping over fences, being the love of the city, and skirting the law without worry. Reality is so stubborn and dull. And I’m sorry for it." - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 14

"Bray wants to kill me? Well, that’s not new. That poor boy went insane after his father’s suicide, but he won’t get me. You can see that I’m quite fine down here in my bunker." - Gerome Seeton, Ch. 14

"Shirina and his friends were counting on him. Erik remembered them all then and the shame of what he was washed away as Gerome struck him again. Something, someone had to fight for the helpless voices struck silent by violence produced by people such as his father." - Ch. 14

"And yes, it was that the incredible fantasies she’d had were now ruined! The hopes of such a wondrous character seemed hilariously stupid now in her eyes. For a short while, the fable of The White Musketeer had lightened her spirits. Life had seemed so rich, so much like a child’s story of forests, fun, and handsome princes." - Ch. 15

"I thought for so many years that my looks impacted my value as a person. I thought my importance and worth to myself and others was how handsome I could be. There was nothing more important than looks, but I’m now part of something far bigger than that, Erik. Don’t you know my whole world’s been changed? I can never go back to being like I was before, Erik. And that’s okay, because you’re my closest friend and you’ve enriched my life so much. Helping you is what I want to do and I don’t care if I do it in the spotlight or behind the scenes. Just get over your guilt, Erik. Do great things and let me be there." - Nate Dimitrious, Ch. 15

"You would have crumbled, Erik. Why did you think you could handle that burden all alone? You think I’m selfish? You’re more selfish than I! Don’t friends help friends and share the burdens that come up? You say you like me, but you didn’t tell me, which means that you don’t think of me as a friend." - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 15

"Zoë Dominique finds you enchanting and romantic. I’m sure you know that the city is named after your daughter and the river after your wife... Regardless if Erik survives today or not, I will never forgive you... You could have prevented everything that happened with your brother if you’d been more attentive to him. But you didn’t... Your blindness caused your family to die and your moralizing has created a bunch of new problems for everyone.” - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 16

"As Zoë Dominique had grown in population, technologically, and in revenue, the lumber companies moved up the river, building larger, more extravagant storehouses for their product. The old steel warehouses were left to rot on their posts. Some had eroded and a few had half fallen into the river. Others stood on the banks, still sturdy, though aged by years of accumulated rust." - Ch. 16

"Erik held him tight to him and opened his free hand to the air. He sent billows of moisture and snow into the sky that built until it encapsulated them in a translucent orb that was, in turn, held up by layers of ice growing beneath it, shooting downward in haste. When the pillar of warped ice hit the cement, Erik and Bray jolted in the sphere. The ice orb stopped and then resumed at a slow descent as the pillar began to melt at the base." - Ch. 16

"Wind and snow blew up and spun around them both. Wrathful circles of ice cracked and scattered across the floor. Hissing rose around them. Hoarfrost needles covered the walls. Erik pressed his lips tight and cried. His tears rose into the air and transformed into precious crystals, which spun around the two boys and cracked, shattering into thousands of microscopic pieces. The pieces lit up the whole room with a celestial light that bathed them both in healing energy." - Ch. 16

"All these years, you’ve been the only person in my life that’s been my family and friend. I tried to kill your friends, Shirina, your father, but you never gave up on me. How do you do it?" - Bray Stard, Ch. 16

"We both know that the real problem all these years has been how mean I’ve been to you. I did it because I liked you a lot, but I thought that if I made it known, I wouldn’t be popular anymore. I really wanted to be popular." - Elaine McBeth, Ch. 16