Primary Players

Anthony Henderlen as Onyx wearing a fedora, mask, trench coat, and gloves

Anthony Henderlen (Onyx)


16 / Male /  Human / Equinox
Savate / Chains with onyx stones
Clinical anxiety, low self-esteem, curious, intelligent, introverted, thoughtful, distrustful

Andy was always afraid to let anyone know he was intersexual. His fear heightened after he asked a girl out at school he liked. When she found out about his body, she mocked him in front of the school. Though Andy shortly after underwent surgery to be completely physically male, his self-esteem had plummeted. The only person he could rely on was his childhood friend, Stacie, but she became too caught up in her revenge to give him any attention. Feeling completely alone after his older brother was killed, Andy turned inward to seek out the murderers himself. He was almost killed, suddenly caught up in a gang war. Only then did Stacie come to save him. Through all those traumatic experiences, Andy knew he could never return to being a simple teenager. He followed in Stacie's footsteps and donned a mask to fight with her in their own brand of justice.

Profile image of Augusta Lamon Damell

Augusta Lamon Damell (The Illusion Mistress)


Looks early 30s / Female / Human / Vitalonia & Zoe Dominique
Mystic Artist: Can cast illusions from her memories
Untrusting, wise, thoughtful, serene, hidden sense of humor, serious, solemn

Augusta was the youngest ever Chief Justice Councilor Warrior in Vitalonia 6,000 years ago. Upon the unfortunate death of Prince Vartan's parents to an exotic plague, Augusta found herself the defacto mother figure for the child. She grew fond of him and raised him to be a noble ruler. When Vitalonia fell, Prince Vartan's lover Imogen cursed Augusta to be immortal until she found the prince's ruby rose and the mythical White Prince. With The White Prince, only then would they truly be able to stop that ancient evil which had destroyed Vitalonia. In the 18th century, she wed and had a son. Through the centuries, and after the death of her husband, Augusta lost her hope of ever completing er mission. She gave up, but her son took up her mantle to finish the curse that was extended to him.

Profile Bust image of Alac Darian Maxian

Darian Maxian

23 / Male / Vampire / Silver City & Vlamira
Sly, bold, uncaring, snarky, rebellious, tenacious

Darian is the last in a multi-century long chain of the royal family of Vlamira, the land of the vampires. With Vlamira a poor, uncultivated, unwanted country since it's ruination thousands of years ago, Darian didn't care about it whatsoever. He knew he was the prince, but he liked his life among humans, and as no one had bothered to raise Vlamira from the ashes since it fell, he felt secure in his average, urban life. Then, one day, his aunt and an entourage came to claim him. It turned out that the remnants of Vlamirians had finally decided to rebuild their kingdom. Darian found he was required to live in Vlamira, but he refused. Therefore, the vampires captured his girlfriend to lure him in. They succeeded. Though grand plans rise around Darian, he only cares about frightened girlfriend and how she suddenly avoids him, terrified to find he's a vampire. It's quickly impressed upon Darian that if he doesn't protect her, she'll be harmed by other vampires. Resolved, Darian decided to take the reins of government, but he soon discovered thousands of years of corruption that persist to the present. Darian vows to root out the rot and make everyone pay who forced him to become their ruler.

Profile Bust image of Edward Langus / Soul Seeker

Edward Langus (Soul Seeker)

*Matt Haynes

22 / Male / Human / Techno Townvilla
Mystic  Artist: Can encourage hopeless souls
Solemn, silent, angry, distrusting, loner, vicious, secretly hopeful

What was life and living? Just a pointless, painful routine of birth, growth, work, old age, and death. That life was useless ate at Edward and he soon hated living. The only thing he enjoyed was hiring himself out for profit to kill whoever he was told to kill. But one unfortunate day, Edward fell ill, and unable to make it out of a snow-ridden forest, he died. Only, death wasn't the end for Edward. All the innocent people he murdered wanted revenge, a cry The Female Judge couldn't ignore. She cursed Edward to help people instead of harming them: by grasping their hands with his and filling their souls with a healing hope. In exchange, Edward would feel what they felt in the moment he grasped their hands. Not knowing if he was alive, or how long he'd be cursed, Edward begrudgingly commenced his mission. However, the things he experienced began to change his outlook on life. Maybe living wasn't as pointless as he thought.

Elaine McBeth as Cashlin Snow, wearing a blue fedora, pink, blue, and white wig, mask, pink trench coat, and blue gloves

Elaine McBeth (Cashlin Snow)

*Christina Roberts

16 / Female / Human / Zoe Dominique
Flirtatious, somewhat shallow, self-involved, light-hearted, bubbly, sassy, joyful

Elaine was a popular, pretty girl who wrote for the school paper and could sing and dance well. She liked Erik for a long time, but thought him beneath her. Only discovering that Erik was The White Musketeer made Elaine feel very foolish. She was also exposed to the hardships he was facing and began to realize how shallow, mean, and petty she'd been to him for so many years. Elaine began the journey to be more introspective and selfless. Elaine and Nate also went public with their musical duo as DJ Dash and Cashlin Snow, a stage name Elaine applied as a crime-fighting persona later on. Of course, Erik tried to prevent her from involving herself in dangerous vigilantism, and of course Elaine brushed off his concern completely.

Profile Bust image of Ellis Blakeney / The Cosplayer Musician

Ellis Blakeney (The Cosplayer Musician)


19 / Male / Human / Adonis
Sword, Musket
Introverted, single-minded, suspicious, melancholy, morbid sense of humor

The son of a musician, Ellis was a Continental Army soldier who was captured in 1778 and thrown aboard a British prison ship. The ship was sabotaged by a set of Patriot Rebels attempting to rescue the prisoners, but they failed and the British soldiers on guard lit the ship on fire, instead. The ship sunk, but Ellis made it to shore, only to find himself in the modern world! With an abundance of musical gifts and no plans for himself, Ellis wandered aimlessly about. Then he came upon an open musical venue and began to play one of the pianos. He was discovered that day for his talent and became a musician that took on the public marketing persona of a Revolutionary War soldier. After reaching fame, Ellis realized someone must have brought him to this time. Foolishly, he set off to find the person, soon spiraling down into the world of Mystic Art, intrigue, and danger.

Profile Bust image of The White Musketeer (aka Erik Seeton)

Erik Seeton (The White Musketeer)

*Daniel Whalen

16 / Male / Human / Zoe Dominique
Mystic Artist: Can control ice & water and has limited healing
Clinically depressed, stressed, grumbling, hopeful, self-doubting, uncertain

Erik Seeton went from average teenager to swashbuckling hero overnight when he found the mythical Haunted Mansion and a glittering rapier. By picking it up, he released the 400 year-old musketeers Francois and Jacques, allowing them to continue their old feud. Erik found himself fighting his cousin Bray, who gained fire Mystic Art the same time he gained ice Mystic Art. Death surrounded Erik: his uncle Harvey was murdered by his father. When confronted, his father Gerome admitted to killing Harvey, his own wife, and possibly even his mother! All these events spiraled Erik down into depression, but then along came Valin, opening up an entirely new window of chaos for Erik. Valin threatened and harmed people, forcing Erik's hand, in the end proving that Erik was a mythical person called The White Prince. All Erik could do was come to terms with what he'd become and do his best to deserve his power--whatever that meant.

Mr. Seek standing against a brick building at sunset, wearing a purple fedora, mask, and trenchcoat

Hayln Hill (Mr. Seek)

*Mason W

19 / Male / Human / Mini Shy
Naive, hopeful, imaginative, excitable, simplistic, uncertain, humble

Hayln always sought wrongs to right. He was born blind. When his mother died, she gifted her eyes to him. During his recovery, a young woman often came to visit him to talk and read him stories. But she never told him her name; and when he was discharged, Hayln didn't know how to find her. Suddenly being able to see the world, Hayln was filled with wonder of all the beauty it produced. But then he quickly started seeing all the evil and sadness. Surely he'd been given a task in life with his new eyes. Hayln somewhat innocently embarked on a mission to find the girl that visited him in the hospital. He eventually found her, a Mystic Artist that lived in a dive. Not everyone wanted helping, and Hayln's good intentions harmed him greatly. But through it all, he never lost his positive outlook and desire to do good. He and the woman begin to sincerely like each other, but then she disappears. Trying to find her a second time tries Hayln's philosophical outlook about people and the world and thrusts him into peril.

Profile bust artwork of Lilac Lexis, wearing a fedora and lilacs in his shirt pocket

Lilac Lexis

*Ethan Cassellio

24 / Male / Human / Sway Station City & Sunrise Shy
Self-involved, sarcastic, confident, witty, arrogant, untrusting

Gangster: handsome, charming, on top of the world. Lexis loved to walk around with all his men behind him, to flirt with the flower shop girl, and to sport lilacs in his pocket and on his hat. He thought nothing could touch him -- not even his cop brother, Ryan -- but after Lexis gets busted in the middle of a massive drug shipment, his brother had had enough. On top of Ryan snatching Lexis away to be his auxiliary, a weird woman who can ride the wind started stalking him. Lexis purposefully caused trouble for Ryan, endangering them both. And over and over, the woman on the wind saved him. Only when Ryan is mortally shot and Lexis is dragged away by his ex-gang does he get a harsh wake-up call. Being so set in his ways, Lexis has a hard time breaking out of them. Yet, if he didn't save himself, Lexis wouldn't be able to save his brother, and that he was determined to do, even in the face of the strange woman's pleadings for him not to.

Melinda Carver Howard


17 / Female / Human / Post Haste & Equinox
Bitter, angry, resentful, disgusted, unimpressed, bored, hurtful, selfish

Melinda never shared her father's sense of superiority, because he was a Mystic Artist. Nor did she share her father's shamelessness to use his abilities for monetary profit. He was a macabre painter, but the secret was that whatever he thought in his mind to paint, that image was automatically painted on the canvas before him. He was a fraud. Melinda acted out her hate and disgust at him by despising all Mystic Art, including herself and her own. She starved herself. The more her father begged her to eat, the more she enjoyed starving herself. But he never changed his deceptive ways, to the point where Melinda couldn't stand the sight of him and so she ran away from home. However, her shortsighted, immature anger at her father hit home when she found herself alone in Post Haste. Someone had stolen her money. It was only when she got hurt and was healed by another Mystic Artist, did Melinda have to start changing her thinking. But it was hard, and she hated Valentine because he was a Mystic Artist. Try as she might, though, he wouldn't leave her alone. Soon, what started as hatred began to change into something nicer.

Profile bust colored artwork of Michael Swam (Automation)

Michael Swam


15 / Male / Human & Machine / Mini Shy & Cloud
Low self-esteem, insecure, intelligent, determined, introverted

Michael was a fat, bullied high school student. The only thing he had going for him was brains. Anyone who was anyone owned an Automation: a personal android servant that followed them everywhere, doing whatever the human told them to via a series of commands. And only the current human master held the command key, thus hindering anyone else from ordering their Automation around. Being so smart, Michael built himself a custom Automation, assuming that owning a completely unique design would gain him major points. But one freak accident literally merged him with his own Automation! Terrified and confused, Michael ran away from home. Almost immediately, he was stopped by a young woman. Michael was unable to control himself, falling under her commands. She took him and programmed herself as his master. Michael was forced to do her bidding, while struggling to hide that he was still half human, and had a free will under the commands. One night, the girl flew into a rage and stabbed Michael almost down the entirety of his arm. Seeing blood and wiring intermixed, she freaked out and dumped him in the nearest forest. Lost, tired, and cold, Michael slid down to die. But fate had a different path for him, when Elaine stumbled across him on her way to see Erik...

Colored line art bust of Prince Vartan, with roses behind him

Niles Silva Elzey (Prince Vartan)


21 /  Male /Human / Equinox & Vitalonia
Mystic Artist: He can make roses grow and bloom and change their colors
Naive, imaginative, a dreamer, optimistic, positive, hopeful, loving, sincere, selfless, humble, determined

Prince Vartan ruled the ancient superpower nation of Vitalonia 6,000 years ago. Through Mystic Art lore, he was considered the embodiment of love. In fact, Mystic Artists believed that he gave romantic love the color red and created the other colors of roses the world knew to date. But fact-based history considered nothing to be true of him except that he lived and that his nation was mysteriously destroyed. The truth was, that the prince's innocence and naivete did cause the entire nation to be destroyed overnight. He and his lover Imogen died, though she placed his soul into a ruby rose and catapulted the rose into The Void for safekeeping. That way, he could be reborn and his memories returned to him in the future, for the great evil that had destroyed their land would certainly return to try to kill again. In the present, Niles found a ruby rose that he picked up. Though he changed into Prince Vartan, his memories didn't return to him immediately. And when they did, the poor choices he made so long ago guilt Niles greatly. He grieves the eternal loss of Imogen and his devastating foolishness. If Niles can't reconcile both of his lives, he won't be able to stop that evil from 6,000 years ago. But even after peace is restored, who is Prince Vartan to anyone in the modern world?

Profile Bust image of Stacie Getts / Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter

Stacie Getts (Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter)


16 / Female / Human / Equinox
Bull Whip, 22 Service Glock (stolen), 29 Glock
Energetic, angry, determined, selfish, uptight, no-nonsense, tomboy, authoritative

Stacie's hot temper and professional shooting skills made her a force to reckon with. When she was young, her father encouraged her to pursue what she liked. He taught her to shoot and hired a matador to teach her to use a bull whip. As a young teenager, Stacie's father divorced her mother, ran for mayor and won, and then sent her off to a female boarding school. To say the least, Stacie immediately escaped that jail. Angry that  her father split up with her mother, she goes to confront him, only to accidentally  hear that he's involved in Mystic Artist human trafficking. Overwhelmed, Stacie decided that only complete destruction of his illicit business and utter public humiliation would suffice to cool her horror and rage. Stacie ended up applying her pent-up anger and rebellious streak to find all her father's business dirt and utterly destroy him. Though Stacie's heart was in the right place, her mission gave her tunnel vision. She almost lost her childhood friend Andy, literally and as a friend, when she ignored his grief over his older  brother's death. Stacie cast her vengeful mission aside just in time, barely locating him before he was about to be killed. Though things ultimately worked out for her and her father was tossed in jail, Stacie didn't give up her mask. She merely turned her rage onto other criminals.

Profile Bust image of Valentine Fosters

Valentine Fosters

*Connor Miranda

16 / Male / Human / Sunrise Shy & Post Haste
Mystic Artist: Can heal others using his body's energy
Peaceable, determined, sensitive, distrusting, nervous

Valentine had the power to heal others. Only, he didn't know it until he turned 16, as his parents had asked a Mystic Artist to cast a binding hex on him. When he turned 16, the hex dissolved. With that came people who knew of Valentine's power and wanted to exploit him. He was kidnapped and set to work healing sick people for his kidnappers' profit. By a mishap, Valentine escaped, ending up penniless, lost in a big city, alone. There he met the anorexic, angry Melinda Carver, another Mystic Artist that was trying to starve herself to punish her father. She had run away from home. The two mismatched teenagers form a survival friendship, bickering and fighting. However, they come to trust each other and learn life lessons from the other as they struggle to survive.

Valin Damell


Looks early 20s / Male / Human / Everywhere
Mystic Artist: Can manipulate ice and water
Angry, spiteful, hateful, sarcastic, sly, determined, uncaring, stubborn, weary

Valin walked around for the longest time with a massive chip on his shoulder. Born in 1767, cursed with immortality like his mother, Augusta, he pretended to dislike everyone and everything. Acting that way was his method of protecting himself and his mother, of who he cared for more than anyone. But the endless years wore on Valin. He eventually took on his mother's mission and found The White Prince. But finishing all of that didn't soften Valin's angry, jealous attitude. He hated Prince Vartan, a person his mother never stopped talking of. Her obvious love of such a stupid person caused Valin to feel like less of a son to her than the prince. Valin only helped his mother so he could get away from everything. Or so he told himself. Once their curse ends, though, Valin finds he isn't sure what to do with himself, and that his contrary disposition won't serve him any longer. Now he must find his own way.

Profile Bust image of Windy Lane

Wendy Lane (Baroness Carelle Macrina)


24 / Female / Human / Anderdaine & Other Places
Mystic Artist: Can ride the wind
Arrogant, stubborn, intelligent, artistic, hopeful, determined

Baroness Macrina was stunningly beautiful, accomplished, and very superior. She thought that there wasn't a single man in the entire world that deserved her, not even the King of Arland (the superpower at that time). She exasperated her parents with her sarcastic mockery of all the men who called on her. Her excessive arrogance reached The Female Judge, who cursed her to ride the winds immortally until she found her true soulmate. The person that ends up being her soulmate is Lilac Lexis, the notorious drug-runner, gang boss, and womanizer! Absolutely mortified, Carelle decided being cursed forever was better than ending up with such a thug. Only, her heart told her otherwise and she ended up saving Lexis time and time again, taking him up with her into the sky. When Carelle finally came to terms with her match, Lexis doesn't agree with her! Now she has to convince him that her tale is true.

Secondary Players

Profile Bust image of Valin Damell

Francois Beauchamp

*Matthew Vanston

Mid 20s / Male / Human / France & Zoe Dominique
Mystic Artist: Can manipulate ice and water
Flamboyant, trustworthy, charming, intelligent, thoughtful, honorable, melancholy

Francois was a successful musketeer in the 1620s, much to his brother Jacques' envy. He was also the elder  brother in a family of Mystic Artists. Francois grew up practicing Mystic Art and was arguably one of the most powerful Artists of his time, but like many others, hid his power out of fear of violence to his person. In due time, Francois married and had a child. In the prime of his career, he and his brother Jacques vied for the Captaincy position, and Francois won. In anger, Jacques killed Francois's wife and child. Grieved and infuriated, the two brothers ended up in a Mystic Art struggle, where Francois hunted Jacques to the Americas and trapped them both in his rapier. Their unfinished rivalry recommenced when Erik picked up the rapier. Francois ended up defeating his brother, but disappeared after. Though he didn't perish, he was too weak to take physical form. In Erik's life, Francois becomes the closest thing he has to a father.

Profile Bust image of Valin Damell

Gerome Seeton

Early 40s / Male / Human / Zoe Dominique
Arrogant, self-reliant, stubborn, vindictive, vengeful, mysterious, suspicious, hard

Gerome built his lumber business Seeton Lumber Mills from the ground up, sacrificing free time and shedding much sweat and some blood into his liveliness. His harsh work caused him to become firm and rough around the edges, but nothing out of the ordinary -- until the events between Erik and Bray. Gerome never truly loved Erik and often criticized his son for what he viewed to be Erik's weaknesses. After he finds out his son is The White Musketeer, he tries, and fails, to kill Erik. He personally blamed Erik as being involved in the destruction of his business. When it was discovered with proof that Gerome murdered his wife, and perhaps his mother, too, he fled Zoe Dominique. His current whereabouts are unknown, but Erik will eventually have to confront him.

Profile Bust image of Valin Damell

Marianna Dimitrious

Late 30s / Female / Human / Zoe Dominique
Serene, calm, loving, firm, understanding, thoughtful, trusting, forgiving, flexible, intelligent, witty

Marianna is a fashion designer, modern and elegant in taste and graceful of movement. As an entrepreneur with her own fashion line, she was often absent in Nate's life, attending fashion shows and related ventures. She and Erik's mother were close friends before he was born. When she adopted him into her household and discovered his musketeer identity, she forgave his deception and grew to love Erik like a son. Unintentionally, she filled the role of a second mother to him. Marianna speaks softly and gives both her boys a lot of independence, but she knows when to put her foot down as well. More than Erik realizes at first, Marianna becomes a stabilizing anchor in his life.

Profile Bust image of Valin Damell

Shirina Seeton

10 / Female / Human / Zoe Dominique
Spunky, energetic, loving, independently-minded, hard around the edges


As Erik Seeton's little sister, and having experienced trauma, near-death, buildings burning down near her, being kidnapped, being abandoned by their father, losing her house, and seeing her brother become a Mystic Artist and target for many people, she quickly became headstrong and very independent for an elementary school student. Shirina supports her brother and tries to stay out of mischief, though she suffers from typical stubbornness that, oft and again, causes her to become an easy target for evil people that wish to harm Erik and his friends. After Erik's musketeer identity was publicly revealed, her life got even harder. But despite this, Shirina  was determined to do the best she could. Her attitude continually becomes more and more an encouragement for Erik and a surprise to those around her.

Profile bust of Nate Dimitrious

Nate Dimitrious

18 / Male / Human / Zoe Dominique
Clever, fun, outgoing, optimistic, positive, energetic, confident, caring, considerate, playful


Nate is Erik's best friend. At first more of a bully and a pest, the fashion-loving boy surprised Erik with his fortitude, kindness, and support. Two times (so far), he'd been wounded on Erik's behalf, or because of his friendship with Erik. Despite what he went through, Nate matured considerably, surprising Erik by his transformation from a more shallow-type, superficial friend to a deeply caring, brother-type friend. Nate promised never to betray or leave Erik, no matter what would happen. When Valin attacked Elaine on stage during the Winter Wonderland festival, Nate dove in to protect her, suffering a scar that ran down his face. But the scar being of no consequence to him, he continued to show solid optimism and trust for Erik.